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Return Policy

The Return Policy is a related document of the General Terms and Conditions of INTERCIBUS s. r. o., in which the points of warranty and complaint conditions are largely taken over.

1. Data on the operator of the internet shop obchod.intercibus.sk, hereinafter referred to as the „seller“

1.1 The seller is the company INTERCIBUS s. r. o., Miletičova 41, 821 09 Bratislava, Slovakia, which is registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I, section Sro, file number: 84715/B, Company ID: 46850376, Tax ID: 2023632072, Reg.nr. VAT: SK2023632072, tel. +421 31 3813170, e-mail: info@intercibus.sk (hereinafter referred to as the "seller").

1.2 The rights and obligations of the contracting parties with regard to liability for defects are governed by the relevant generally binding legal regulations.

1.3 The Buyer is entitled to assert the right to claim liability for defects by a complaint to the Seller at the address of the establishment.

INTERCIBUS s. r. o., Senecká cesta 24/B, 931 01 Šamorín, Slovakia

or electronically at the e-mail address


unless otherwise agreed with the Seller.

2. Complaint Policy

2.1 The buyer is obliged to visually inspect the goods upon receipt. He has the right to refuse to take over if

  1. it shows mechanical damage apparently caused by the shipment,
  2. the item is incomplete,
  3. the goods are different from the one purchased, unless the buyer has agreed in advance with the seller on the exchange of the goods,
  4. shelf life is shorter than agreed with the seller or subject to Slovak regulations,
  5. the amount on the invoice is different from the agreed one, unless the buyer is informed in advance by the seller.

2.2 The buyer sends / will bring the claimed goods

  1. to the seller's business address referred to in point 1.3, if he has the opportunity to send the claimed goods without creating a hygienic risk of deterioration of the goods,
  2. personally (if agreed with the seller, also through a third party) will bring to the seller's business address,
  3. to a third party designated by the seller (e.g. internal distribution driver or external carrier).

together with the completed complaint form, which the buyer will download on the site


2.3 Proof of purchase (invoice) is sufficient to exercise the right to make a complaint. Submission of proof of purchase for complaint purposes is sufficient even if the warranty card has been issued and the customer has lost it.

2.4 If the claimed goods were sent by post or transport company, the transport costs associated with sending the complaint to the seller's address shall be borne by the buyer.

2.5 The seller will handle the complaint without undue delay, but no later than 30 days from the date of delivery of the complaint to the buyer or. carrier. After this period, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract or has the right to exchange the product for a new one product.

2.6 The buyer is obliged to take over the claimed goods from the seller within 15 days, if the complaint was settled in the form of repair, discount, exchange of goods (new goods) or rejection of the complaint.

2.7 The seller sends the claimed goods at his own expense by his designated form of transport. Any other method of transporting the claimed goods back, at the express request of the buyer, is paid by the buyer.

2.8 Complaints of gifts and other packaged goods for which the buyer has not paid any amount is not possible.

2.9 The buyer has the right to complain about the product purchased on sale or at a reduced price, but the error must not be related to the reason why the product was sold at a reduced price.

2.10 The buyer will be informed about the result of the complaint immediately after the end of the complaint procedure via e-mail, post, text message SMS or telephone.

2.11 Complaint handling only applies to defects specified by the buyer when making a complaint. The seller is obliged to handle the complaint and terminate the complaint procedure in one of the following ways:

  1. by replacing defective goods,
  2. by refunding the purchase price for defective goods,
  3. reasoned rejection of the goods claim.

2.12 Handing over the product to the buyer after repair, replacement or rejection of the complaint, or refund on withdrawal from the contract.

3. Warranty

Complaints handling is governed by the warranty conditions of the specific product, the Commercial Code and the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and special regulations.

3.1 The warranty period for the goods lasts for a maximum of the period of use marked on the product packaging. It does not apply to durable complementary or promotional items.

3.2 If the buyer complains about a product with an expiration date or a date of minimum durability, he must exercise his right to the seller immediately, no later than the expiration of this date. In the case of perishable products, be the right of liability for defects exercised no later than the day following the acceptance of the order by the buyer, otherwise this right expires.

3.3 In the case of remediable defects, which are claimed by the buyer in time, the buyer has the right to demand that the defect be removed free of charge, properly and in time or that the defective item be replaced with a perfect item. The seller is obliged without unnecessary rectify the defect or replace the defective item with a faultless one. The seller is always entitled, at its own discretion, to exchange the defective item for a perfect one. However, the seller is not obliged to change the item if it would incur disproportionate costs due to the price of the goods or the severity of the defect.

3.4 In the case of a remediable defect, which prevents the thing from being properly used as a thing without defects and which is claimed by the buyer in time, the buyer has the right to exchange the thing or to withdraw from the contract. The buyer has the same rights even if that the same defect occurs repeatedly on the goods after repair, or if the goods have several different defects.

3.5 In the event of an irremediable defect, which does not prevent the thing from being used properly as a thing without a defect and which is claimed by the buyer in time, the buyer is entitled to a reasonable price discount according to the nature and severity of the defect.

3.6 Quality defects of the goods are considered to be slimming or steaming on the surface, change of taste and smell (foreign odor), change of consistency, change of color, physically contaminated meat during handling, biological contamination, rot and mold.

The warranty does not apply to the goods after acceptance and visual inspection performed on it, if

  1. is mechanically damaged by the buyer or a third party, unprofessional or careless handling, neglect of care and maintenance of the goods, overweight, damaged by a natural disaster,
  2. is defective due to incorrect storage at the buyer. For the storage of goods, the buyer must use a designated, hygienically safe space, with regular maintenance, for various types of food (dry, cold, chilled, frozen), with the correct adherence to the temperatures specified by the manufacturer, who publishes this information on the product packaging. An essential condition for accepting a complaint is proof of compliance with the specified temperatures by the manufacturer, i.e. that the delivered goods are not at any time exposed to higher temperatures than specified by him,
  3. is after the product has expired,
  4. is open/slightly open or dirty, creating a possible hygiene risk,
  5. the buyer does not provide copies of the necessary documents on the purchase of the claimed goods (delivery note, invoice).

3.8 The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the item (or its parts) caused by use.

3.9 By settling a justified complaint, the warranty period is extended by the duration of the complaint. If the claim was settled by exchanging the goods for a new one within the statutory warranty period, then the warranty period will begin to run again from the date of the claim.

The complaint procedure in this version is published and valid from 01.01.2021 and is used for complaints about goods purchased through the online store obchod.intercibus.sk.